Friday, October 30, 2009

Admiral Futsal Championship - Penang Circuit @ 11th Oct 2009

Registration started on 10:00pm, 11th October 2009 at the Concourse Area of Aeon Seberang Prai Shopping Complex!

The Ultimate Judges arrived!! They will assure the game go smoothly and fairly throughout the competition!! Any Dirty Tricks or Fouls will not escaped from their judgments.

"All players please proceed to the courts, the briefing is about to start." The referee will let the players know rules and regulations, and let them to become "law abiding players", hehe.

It is the closer look of every players expression during the briefing..... Exactly the same expression they have during their class session in their schook, hehe.

Admiral Official Futsal Ball for the Competition! It is new arrival and yet the players have the chance to play with it. Envy~ This picture illustrate that the ball decide all the players future, keke.

Game start!! Do the players feel the pressure while all the patrons of the shopping complex looking at their performance?

What Happen? Game stop as referee need to discuss about the issue arise during the match.

Corner! Players are gathered around the corner. One will try to attack and other try to defense. This scenario only can be seen in 3 on 3 futsal! As no goalkeeper allowed for the game.

Juggling Contest! Admiral Site Event for the day! Get the special goodies by show off your skills!

Participant number two for the juggling contest. It is not easy as so many eyes looking at you. Look at the audience from the ground and first floor!

The Juggling King is born!!! No matter is freestyle or 1000 times of juggling, this guy can just simply do it!

Yes! FujiFilm is sponsoring free photo for each team participated. Thanks to FujiFilm as all the handsome able to get one photo as a memorable experience!

Haha! Introduce to you another our unique site event. Admiral Turn Around and Shoot! Participants have to turn 10 times on the spot, by turning around the with the FujiFilm Umbrella! Prize, of course goodies from FujiFilm.

Turn! Turn and Turn around! No one can walk properly and shoot properly after the 10 turns! Everybody enjoy this moment as it is fun and entertaining!

Drunken Master shoot!

You did it!!!! FujiFilm umbrella was awarded to the lucky winner!

Photo taken for the semifinal winners for one of the category!

Under 18 category - Semi Final Group Photo!

Yo~ the open Category Semi-Final Group Photo!

Mr. Alvin See, Representative from Admiral Malaysia presenting the prize to the winner of the 3rd Runner Up - Open Category

Monday, October 19, 2009

Admiral Basketball 3 on 3 Challenge 2009 @ Aeon Seberang Prai Shopping Complex, 10th October 2009!

It's about to begin - Admiral 3 on 3 basketball challenge @ Penang. The Participants are waiting for the moment to challenge the title - who is the best!!!

The "Registration Counter"! The legendary place that people always gathered and talking to the event crew.

Frankly speaking, these guys are really marvelous as they are posting all kind of expression in front of the camera. Hehe! This picture is more look like a movie poster, the ocean 11!

The "Match" is about to begin, and people are gathered behind the Admiral 'A' Board waiting for the excitement.

Men in Black "Sky Hook!", and Men in White answered "Small Matter!".
It is a war between men, about the dignity of a warrior!

"It's show time!"

"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!" This picture reminds me the song~

This guy was really having a tough time.

"Defend!!" Every mark scored pressured other team to play harder to score! It is fact, and also the fun part of the game

Thanks to FujiFilm, as every team is giving away a "Free" team photo! Grab the photographer to get a cool photo and print it instantly at the Kiosk. As I am requested to post photo on the blog for you guys upload!

Jump shoot!

Indoor?? What happening? Tell you the truth, the winning team can show off their skill in front of the public at the concourse area. Jealous, fight for it next time if you lose in the battle, we are waiting! Bro! This team is young but it's strong!

Everybody is watching... if you are inside, you are superstar! Yes, not dreaming, you are.

1st Floor Audience View

3 point shoot ~ my prize is waiting for me!!!

Under 16 Category Winner!!! Prize presented by Alvin See, the representative of Admiral.

Under 18 Category Winners!!! Prize awarded and group picture is taken by the photographer, Mr. Tommy!

If Anyone taken any interesting photo during the event, please feel free to send to me at! I will put it in the blog and share with everyone! Or if you have any comments about the event, feel free to drop me a email too.

All other photos from the basketball event will be upload soon to the within these few days. Stay tune!

Best Regards,
Alvin See

Friday, October 2, 2009

Admiral Basketball and Futsal Events @ Penang 2009!!!

This is the Bahasa Melayu Version of Advertisement, Thanks ^^

Admiral Basketball and Futsal Events @ Penang 2009!!!

Admiral Futsal Championship 2009 is in Seberang Prai, Penang Now!!!! Grab the opportunity to participate the game and it is only limited to 24 teams, and win cool cash and cash voucher!!!

To make the event more merit, we have add in Admiral 3 on 3 basketball challenge 2009, to kill the thirst of all basketball players! Come and challenge and you can show off your skills in the shopping complex Concourse Area. People will be watching you!!!

The event information will be stated as follow:

Promotion Booth:

Venue: Aeon Seberang Prai Shopping Complex, Concourse Area
Date: 6th - 10th October 2009

Event: Admiral Futsal Championship 2009 (Penang)

Venue: Aeon Seberang Prai Shopping Complex, Concourse Area
Date: 11th October 2009
Participation Fee: RM100.00 (3 participants, 2 substitutes)
Match: Round Robin 1st Round, Knock out 2nd Round Onward.
: All players entitled to get a Admiral Futsal Jersey.
Men Open, Boys under 18 and Boys under 16.
Time: Start from 10:00a.m.

Prizes :
Open Category -
Champion - RM 700 Cash + RM 800 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM 500 Cash + RM 700 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM 300 Cash + RM 500 Admiral Voucher
4th - RM 600 Admiral Voucher

Boys Under 18 -
Champion - RM 400 Cash + RM 800 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM 300 Cash + RM 700 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM 200 Cash + RM 600 Admiral Voucher
4th - RM 500 Admiral Voucher

Boys Under 15 -
Champion - RM1,000 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM 800 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM 500 Admiral Voucher
4th - RM 300 Admiral Voucher

Event: Admiral 3 on 3 basketball Challenge 2009 (Penang)

Venue: Aeon Seberang Prai Shopping Complex, Outdoor Carpark
Quarter Final - Concourse Area (Indoor)
Date: 10th October 2009
Participation Fee: RM60 (3 participants)
Match: Round Robin 1st Round, Knock out 2nd Round Onward.
: One team is entitled to get 3 basketball jersey (one each) and a Admiral Basketball
Boys under 18, under 16 and under 14
Time: Start from 9:00am

Under 18

Champion - RM750 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM450 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM300 Admiral Voucher

Under 16
Champion - RM750 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM450 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM300 Admiral Voucher

Under 14
Champion - RM750 Admiral Voucher
2nd - RM450 Admiral Voucher
3rd - RM300 Admiral Voucher

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