Thursday, May 5, 2011

Admiral Skin 1.0 Soccer boots.

Admiral Asia Ltd introduces its latest Patented football boot, the Skin 1.0. This revolutionary new boot provides amazing breathability with 360degree ventilation, allowing sweat to evaporate away while keeping water out. This is accredited to its patent design one piece TPU material providing an incredibly durable surface to withstand scratches and tears while providing exceptional first touch on the ball. Admiral's designers engineered this water proof synthetic material to ensure no water is absorbed, keeping it lightweight while improving the boot's overall fit, comfort and performance.

Regular football boots made from conventional microfibre are easily worn out caused by abrasions and cannot be cleaned. Skin 1.0 patented design is 50% thinner as it is made from only 2 layers of compounds: one piece TPU layer and bootie layer. Regular football boots are made of 5 layers of compounds including : upper layer, glue, foam layer, glue, and reinforcement layer; thus making it thicker and heavier. The TPU upper combined with the bootie featuring a contoured heel and cushioned sockliner deliver the ultimate fit and feel characteristics of traditional boots.

The Skin 1.0 delivers this solution with a upper that performs well in any weather condition, maintaining its shape and doesn't soak up water. All this with a great convenience feature, it is washable!

Skin 1.0 is available in all N-Concept Stores at RM 159.90 .

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